Upload A High Resolution Photo

1. Upload the highest resolution photo you have if you plan on printing your image. Notify your editor if you have a print size in mind, so they can check your image dimensions to confirm printing at that size is possible.

** Once an order has been completed, we can’t swap out a higher resolution photo to replace the original one submitted. A new order will need to be submitted, since the editor will have to edit the new photo from scratch. **

Resolution is the amount of dots (or pixels) in a certain amount of space (or within your image). Think of resolution as image quality. The higher the resolution = the more information existing within the image. As an example, let's take a look at this photo:


It has more than 3000 pixels size by its long side and looks fine and clear. Let's now zoom into their faces and see what happens to them when we reduce the pixel size of the image. 

This is an original size and we can clearly see the small details like hairs, eyes, wrinkles etc.


If we reduce the image size to 1000 pixels - some pixelation appears, details are not so clear and image looks blurry.


And if we reduce the image size to 500 pixels - most of details are lost, faces look very unclear and image can't be printed with fine quality.


FILE SIZE: The amount of pixels in your image directly affects the file size of your image; therefore, you want to submit your original file, at the highest file size possible. RESOLUTION REQUIREMENT: As a rule of thumb, always submit images that are at least 800 pixels on the shortest side. But the more pixels the better! The more pixels in the image, the more print options available to you. 

Original photos shot on your phone's camera will be sufficient but once they are uploaded to Facebook or other social media sites, they are compressed and lose resolution. So never grab images from your Facebook account when placing an order, since they are lower quality. Always submit your image directly from the original source. 
First of all to check if your image is fine, simply zoom in and see if you can see the small details. Sometimes, even small size images can look fine and be editable until you decide to print some big format.
PC - Right click the image, click "properties", select the "details" tab, check resolution under the "Image" section, then scroll down to find file size under the "File" section.
* Also, if you hover your cursor over the photo for 2 seconds, the information will appear.
Mac - Right click on the image and select "get info". When the dialog box opens, click the triangle to the left of "more info" to open the drop down of information. 

MINIMUM PIXELS REQUIRED: 800 px (on the shortest side)

MINIMUM SIZE RECOMMENDED: 600 KB - please note that we may not be able to edit images smaller than this. Images larger than 600 KB are ideal. 

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