Placing Re-Edits

Each order you place comes with a complimentary re-edit to perfect your image! 

Krome is built on affordable pricing; therefore, if additional re-edits are needed, you can provide feedback to your editor at a fraction of what you would pay a photo retoucher or designer in the market today. 

At a low cost of $1.99 per re-edit, you can provide notes to your editor on what you would like revised. 

Please note the following:

  • Krome CAN NOT accept new edit requests or photos submitted within a re-edit. Re-edits are meant to tweak and adjust only requests paid for when the order was placed. Selecting a new menu option or uploading a new image qualifies as a new order, since the editor will have to begin from scratch, so you will need to place a new order from the home screen and pay accordingly for that item.
  • Always place re-edits through the app or online. Our Support team is unable to process re-edits for you.
  • You have up to 1 month to place re-edits from the time you placed your original order. Our editors have a large number of files they deal with, and our servers are equipped to hold a certain amount of data, so we felt that the month expiration date for orders was a fair amount of time for customers to make re-edits, while also keeping our database manageable. Thank you for your understanding!
  • If ever one of your requests isn’t completed, feel free to reach out to Support for an explanation. It may be that the editor was unable to complete your request for a specific reason. If a request is accidently overlooked that we can successfully complete, rest assured we will take care of the revision for you free of charge.


When you receive an Error Image on your order:

Based on the message we sent you within the app, if a re-edit is possible, you can re-edit normally within the app.

Click View Orders. Click on the order, then under "More" you will see an option called "Re-Edit".

Tap anywhere on the Yellow Face Error Image to type your request.

If we notified you that we can’t complete your requests, please contact Support for a refund in the form of credits to your account.


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