Receiving an Alert Message

In some cases, you will receive an alert message from your editor regarding your order. This can mean a number of different things:

1. We are unable to complete your requests. Please read the notes included for more details on why we weren't able to edit your photo.

2. We need additional information from you. If you were unclear in your notes to the editor, or we don't understand your requests, we may prompt you for clarification. 

3. The size of the submitted image is too small; we may ask that you upload a higher resolution photo if possible. 

4. The reference photo you submitted won't work with the original photo submitted; we may request you upload a different reference photo. 


Based on the message we sent you within the app, if a re-edit is possible, you can re-edit normally within the app. Click View Orders. Click on the order, then under "More" you will see an option called "Re-Edit". Tap anywhere on the Yellow Face Error Image to type your request.

If we notified you that we can’t complete your requests, please contact for a refund in the form of credits to your account.

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